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Fic - Lazarus 13/? [Torchwood]

Title: Lazarus (Chapter 12)
PG-13 (mostly swearing) 
Pairing/Characters: Ianto; Jack; Gwen; Martha; Mickey; OCs (Jack/Ianto and there probably will be mentions of Gwen/Rhys)
Genre: General so far, but maybe romance eventually? It is after all a Janto fic
Nine months later and Ianto wakes up from death.
Warning: None
Mentions of Children of Earth, but nothing especific, except Ianto's death, but I don't consider it a fix it fic; at least not yet. 
Sadly, they are not mine. I'd never kill Ianto and ruin the best cannon shipper ever!
Huge thanks to specialj67 for being my beta. Jackie, you rock!

Lazarus - Chapter 12

Torchwood Two’s autopsy bay wasn’t so different from what Ianto was used to in Cardiff. It was an ample room with several cabinets and cupboards, morgue drawers, one cryogenic chamber, two computer stations and in the center, one autopsy table. He shuffled through the drawers and cupboards, searching for the scanner while Mackenzie looked around in interest.

“You guys have an autopsy room; do you do many autopsies on aliens?” she asked conversationally, with just a touch of mockery.

“Yep, and not only in aliens.” Ianto said distractedly. “A-ha! Found it!”

He turned around with a smile and beckoned Mackenzie closer to show the small device on his hand. It was rectangular, palm-sized, with some kind of screen on one side. Ianto pressed a few buttons on it and took hold of her hand, running the device over it. The screen first showed skin, then, after another adjustment from Ianto, it started to show under her skin, her muscles--all the ligaments and tissues in insane detail--and then finally her bones.

“Wow!” Mackenzie exclaimed with an excited grin. “This is awesome. Is it…” she trailed off, unable to say it.

“Alien?” Ianto provided, smiling a little. “Yes.” He moved past her and took a seat on the autopsy table. “You can scan me with it.”

With a nod of understanding, Mackenzie carefully ran the machine over Ianto, starting with his arms, looking for any kind of alteration, but his skin looked fine, so did his muscles and internal organs and his bones.

“Can I ask you something?” Mackenzie said after long minutes of silence as she worked.


“How did you…” she hesitated, glancing up. “You mention a resurrection in the car and then Archie said there were rumors you were dead…”

“They weren't rumors.” Ianto corrected. “But if you want to know how I came back, I can’t tell you, I don’t know either.”

“No…” she paused, shaking her head. “I was going to asked how you died.”

“Oh…” The look of mild surprise that ran through his face only lasted a second. “Virus.”

“Alien?” Ianto nodded. “Did it hurt?” she inquired carefully, concerned. Ianto smiled reassuring.

“No, it didn’t; my body just shut down. I didn’t feel much, just Jack…” he trailed off, looking at a point over her shoulder. Mackenzie watched him for a couple of seconds, realizing he was lost in thoughts and memories.

“So who is this Jack?” she asked, breaking the silence once more. “You guys mention him a lot.”

“Captain Jack Harkness.” Ianto explained. “Leader of Torchwood Three. My boss.” He mentally added my lover
, but figured that was just a bit of too much information for a woman he barely knew. Not to mention he and Jack had never bothered defining what they were to each other, so Ianto wasn't sure if the word lover actually applied. Those types of conversations tended to result in a lot of awkward pausing, half-finished sentences, but very little in the way of actual communication or resolution.  Talking with a capital "T" was never their strong suit anyway.

“And he can help us?”

“Probably.” he replied with a shrug. “He has many contacts and… well, he’s Jack. Just the fact that he’s around tends to make things, well, not better but easier.  Sometimes.”

“But he’s gone.”


“Can’t you ask him to come back?”

“I don’t know where he is.” Ianto replied with a sigh and looked away. “I don’t know if he’d come," he said under his breath so Mackenzie wouldn’t hear him.

Just then the Bekaran scanner bliped. Mackenzie looked over the results and grinned at Ianto.

“So, what’s the news doctor?” he asked with a small smile.

“Well sir, you’re look just fine,” she replied still grinning.

“Good,” Ianto said hopping off the table. “Let’s find Martha and share the news I know Mickey will be glad to know I'm human, still.”

Ianto offered an arm to her and Mackenzie gladly took it with a smile and light blush, heading to find Martha. She was in one of the laboratories, looking into a microscope with the deeply furrowed brow of 'I Am In The Middle Of Important Science-y Things'.

“Good news--no alterations to Ianto’s body,” Mackenzie announced.

“Great,” Martha replied distractedly and wheeled her chair to a computer, fingers flying across the keyboard.

“Did you find something new at your end?” Ianto asked, leaning against one of the tables.

“Well, the extra chromosome is definitely synthetic, but there are some gene patterns that I think I recognize. I’m just not sure from where.”

“Maybe this will help." Mickey strode into the lab. “McLeod Enterprises was created two years ago by a Dr. Ethan Sanders. They are supposed to be studying the human genome and searching for ways to increase life expectancy and cure all diseases.”

“What? No 'bringing people from the dead' in the official site description?” asked Ianto, deadpan. Mickey just sent a glare his way.

“Quick check on Dr. Sanders, the man is a geneticist, with a degree in bio-engineering. Worked from 2000 to 2007 at LazLabs until the company went bankrupt.”

“Oh my God that’s it!” Martha exclaimed and everyone turned to her. “I recognize some of the gene patterns because I’ve seen it before. Dr. Lazarus, head of LazLabs built this machine that was supposed to make people young again by mutating their DNA.”

“So you think this Dr. Sanders is using the same process?” Mackenzie asked.  This was both intriguing and horrifying, something she was beginning to notice was a common theme around these people.

“No, no. Dr. Lazarus' machine didn’t work. The Doctor made sure to destroy the machine so it wouldn’t be used again. You see, it did work until a certain point. Lazarus did become younger again, but his DNA was unstable; he started to turn into a wild, murderous monster.”

All eyes flew to Ianto in various degrees of shock and fear. He just rolled his eyes.

“I’m fine! No physical alterations. Mackenzie scanned me.”

“It’s truth. He’s 100% human.” She turned Martha again. “What do you think it’s going on?”

“Well, they couldn't have used Lazarus' machine, it's too dangerous, but they could have taken some of the DNA to be studied and stabilized. After all, he did manage to rejuvenate.”

“Yes, but why test on dead bodies?” Mickey asked confused. God, mad scientist types were one thing--The Doctor was a bit like that sometimes and Mickey got used to it--but this experimenting on dead bodies with mutated DNA was twisted shit on a new level. And yet, he was undeniably fascinated.

“I don’t know, maybe they managed to extrapolate it. Not only restore old cells, but bring dead ones to life?  Maybe...I just don't know yet. There is only so much I can conclude without seeing the actual research and making my own tests.”

“No wonder they want you back so much, mate. You’re a walking gold mine,” Mickey commented, turning to Ianto. “Your DNA might be the key to cure death. That’s big. And not a little messed up.”

“Huge.” Mackenzie agreed.

“It’s wrong,” Arthur stated with a somber expression. “Everything should have a time birth and a time to die; that’s how nature made things. Death is not a disease, it’s the sequence of life. Ianto, my boy, this is bigger than I thought. Now, more than never, you’ll need Jack. He’s one of the few people with influence enough to keep you safe.”

As those words passed through Arthur’s lips, all hell broke loose in the form of a shrill security alarm accompanied by bright red flashing emergency lights. Both Arthur and Ianto looked alarmed and the older man ran to the nearest computer.

“It’s the invasion alarm,” he shouted over the din, pulling up a CCTV feed of several men scattered along the corridors above. “We have company.”

“Armory?” Mickey asked.

“This way.” Ianto rushed out of the room with the other man right on his heels.

“What do we do?” Mackenzie asked, barely audible over the racket. She saw the guns those men were carrying ,and they didn’t seem just for show.

“You take these,” Arthur said, pushing keys on her hand, “for the SUV in the underground garage. It will be easy to track, but it’s bulletproof, you’ll be safe.”

“Wait, you’re not coming with us?” Martha looked at him shocked and ready to protest.

“Someone has to stay to seal the place.” The older man shuffled through the drawers for a couple of seconds before pulling a mobile out and giving it to Martha. “It has a device that scrambles GPS signal; they won’t be able to track it. Now, go, go, go! Ianto knows where to find the car.”

“You have to come with us, Archie. You don’t know what these guys are capable of.” Martha protested, shoving the phone into her jacket pocket.

“I have to stay; someone needs to send Jack a message.”

“You can do that!?”

He nodded. “His Vortex Manipulator, it has a unique signature. I don’t have the right equipment to use it to locate him, but maybe I’ll manage to send him a call.” Arthur glanced at the monitor again, his forehead wrinkling in distaste. Fucking trespassers, tromping through his HQ like they owned the damned place. “You have to go! Now! Don’t worry about me, just go!”

Martha looked deep into the man’s eyes and saw that no matter what she said, no matter how much she pleaded and protested, he would not budge. He would stay there 'til the very last. She glanced at Mackenzie and the girl looked panicked, afraid. It was Martha’s job now to keep her safe, after all, it had been their fault the poor girl was dragged into this mess.

“Come on.” Martha said, pulling Mackenzie by the arm. Arthur had made his decision and the doctor just made hers.


Chapter 13

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