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Fic - Lazarus 11/? [Torchwood]

Title: Lazarus (Chapter 10)
PG (so far. Might get higher and the subsequent chapters) 
Pairing/Characters: Ianto; Jack; Gwen; Martha; Mickey; OCs (Jack/Ianto and there probably will be mentions of Gwen/Rhys)
Genre: General so far, but maybe romance eventually? It is after all a Janto fic
Nine months later and Ianto wakes up from death.
Warning: None
Mentions of Children of Earth, but nothing especific, except Ianto's death, but I don't consider it a fix it fic; at least not yet. 
Sadly, they are not mine. I'd never kill Ianto and ruin the best cannon shipper ever!
Huge thanks to specialj67 for being my beta. Jackie, you rock!

Chapter 10


Emma was at her wit's end; the searches for Martha and Ianto Jones were leading nowhere.  After her visit to that Torchwood One warehouse, Dr. Martha Jones seemed to have vanished to The Land of Wind and Ghosts--mobile turned off, no bank transactions, no credit card charges, no online activity of any kind. If it didn't make her job damn near impossible, Emma would have been impressed by it. The motorway checkpoints between London and Cardiff were less than useless. And the less said about her investigation into Ianto, the better.  If the two Jones had managed to arrive in Wales, they certainly didn’t use any of the conventional methods to do so. Emma’s last hope now focused on one Gwen Cooper. She was the last member of Torchwood Three and the only one who still resided in Cardiff. If Ianto Jones needed help, she was certain that he would contact the woman somehow.

She waited by the front door of the Williams house for good twenty minutes before Gwen finally arrived home, one hand holding a bag of groceries and the other guiding a pushchair. She paused by the front gate, looking suspicious.

“Gwen Cooper?” Emma asked with a pleasant smile.

“Who’s asking?” retorted the other woman.

“Emma Waters, UNIT.” Emma flashed her badge, and Gwen seemed to relax a little and approached, turning the pushchair so the baby faced away from the woman at the door.

“It’s Williams now.” She replied, unlocking the front door. “What do you want?”

“We’re wondering if you have heard from Dr. Martha Jones.”


“Her mother was attacked last night, and no one has seen Dr. Jones ever since. We’re worried.” Gwen looked startled and honestly worried. Inwardly, Emma smiled. Good, she would be more trustful for now.

“Is everyone okay?”

“Her mother is, but like I said, we haven’t heard from Dr. Jones since it happened.”

“She didn’t contact me.” Gwen finally said, frowning and concerned for her friend.

“Well, if you hear from her, please let us know.” Emma offered the ex-copper a reassuring smile and a business card.

Gwen accepted it with a nod and disappeared inside the house looking distressed. Once out of the sight, Emma smirked to herself. She knew the woman’s first action would be to call Dr.Jones, and Emma was ready. She made her way to her commandeered mobile UNIT Operations Centre, conveniently disguised as a repair van parked three streets over from the Williams house and round back of an estate agent's office. She tapped twice on the side door and it slid open for her to get in. The woman nodded to the tech seated in front of the computers and hooked a Bluetooth earpiece around her right ear.

“She’s making the call now. The number is registered under a Mr. John Smith.” announced the man, while his fingers danced over the keyboard.

“Doctor’s most famous alias.” Emma said with a nod and listened as the phone rang a couple of times before the call connected.

“Hello?” She didn’t know Dr. Jones’ voice, but she guessed that was her.

“Martha, what’s going on? UNIT was just here looking for you.” Gwen was going right to business. “They said your mother was attacked?”

“What? No, my mum is fine. Listen Gwen, whoever went to you, is bad news. They're probably tracing this call as we speak.”

Emma smiled, looking at the computer screen. The woman was really smart.

“Get out of there.”

“Martha, wait!” Gwen asked frantically. “Does this have anything to do with a phone call I received last night from someone claiming to be Ianto?”

There was a pause in the other side of the line before Martha breathed out a yes and broke the connection. Emma cursed under her breath. Less than a minute, not enough time. 

“We didn’t get an exact location, but we reduced the probable call area to Glasgow or Edinburgh. The tech informed in an efficient tone. Emma nodded resigned.

“Check Ianto Jones and Martha Jones’ records. See if they have any contacts in that area.”  The man nodded and set to work. “Is the tactical team in place?”

“Yes ma’am.” Came the reply from her earpiece. “We have a man covering every exit and visual contact with the target. If she moves, we’ll know.”

“Good.” Emma nodded to herself; at least that was going as planned. “Gwen Cooper will lead us to Ianto Jones. Keep your eyes open.


Slowly, Martha closed the phone and looked over to meet Ianto’s eyes in the rear view mirror. They were heading to Torchwood Two’s headquarters with Ianto driving because he already knew the way. Archie sat by his side just in case and Mickey, Martha, and Mackenzie squeezed in the back.

“Do you think she’ll be alright?” Martha asked, worry marking her beautiful face.

“Yes, I’m sure of it.” Ianto smiled reassuring. “It’s Gwen; the woman hid an automatic behind her bouquet during her wedding.” He caught Mackenzie's alarmed stare and quickly explained. “Evil alien took her mother as hostage.”

“Ahhh.” The young woman replied, as if that did more than make things clear as mud. “During her wedding?”

“What can I say? Torchwood is an all hours job.” he remarked as he parked the car and killed the engine. “We’re here.”

The three occupants of the backseat got out of the car looking around in awe. Ianto just smiled in understanding. He had been at Torchwood Two’s HQ before, but the building still took his breath away. While Torchwood One had been located in a giant phallic skyscraper in the heart of London and Torchwood Three was a semi-dank underground base, Torchwood Two was a large Victorian-era manor house. The very first headquarters for the Institute, where Queen Victoria had been attacked by a werewolf in the 1879.

“Come on now! We haven’t got the whole day.” Arthur said with an eye roll of annoyance as he rifled through his enormous ring of keys--people and their bloody annoying awe at shite old gargoyles!--and headed in front, unlocking the door for them.

They rushed through the dark and deserted corridors without Arthur giving his usual spiel about the place’s history; he may have lost the sense of awe, but he still had respect for the history of the place and the Institute.  It gave Ianto pause. Usually the older man couldn’t stop bragging about his Torchwood. Soon enough, they reached the main work area--the library and private study converted into one giant room--jammed floorboards-to-rafters with computers and books and alien tech. He glanced at Arthur and the man seemed a little regretful as he flickered the lights on. No matter what he claimed, Ianto knew Archie missed the job. Once you got in with Torchwood, there was no going back--not without Retcon.

“This is what we’re going to do.” Ianto started, taking the lead. “We need to find everything we can about McLeod Enterprises. Who runs it, what they do, when they first started doing it… anything.”

“I’ll handle the computers.” Mickey said, already powering up one of the work stations.

“I’ll help.” Arthur volunteered, doing the same.

“And I’m going to start on a more thorough examination of your DNA” Martha remarked, giving Ianto The Eye and cutting him off from further conversation. He capitulated. “And since you decided to stick around with a while longer with us Mackenzie, why do you give Ianto a full check up. I want to know any changes this new chromosome might have caused on his body.”

Mackenzie glanced at Ianto briefly, a faint blush tinting her cheeks, but she nodded anyway.

“This way.” Ianto said, heading to the medical rooms. With his eidetic memory, it had only taken him a couple of visits to memorize the layout of the place. “I think they have a Bekaran deep tissue scanner; that will make your job easier.”

“What’s that?” Mackenzie asked confused as she followed Ianto. He glanced at her over his shoulder.

“A friend of mine used to say it was every doctor’s dream tool.”

“Ohhh…” she replied, not knowing what else to say and Ianto just smiled in sympathy.

Once the pair was out of sight, Martha turned to her husband with a huge wicked grin.

“I think she fancies Ianto.” Mickey snorted. “Wonder what she’s going to do when she finds out he’s more into tall, dark, handsome and male.”

“Did you just call Jack handsome?” Martha smirked as Mickey spluttered, realizing his slip.

“Yes, well…” Mickey started, eyes glued to the screen avoiding Martha’s gaze, uncomfortable. “He’s easy on the eyes, that’s all I’m saying!”

Martha could make out a faint blush on the man’s face and laughed out loud, before heading to one of the labs. God, she loved making Mickey squirm.

“A great kisser too!” she shot over her shoulder, smirking before disappearing around a corner.

“WHAT!?” There was a loud thud sound in the other room and the doctor just laughed even harder.



Chapter 11
Tags: fandom: torchwood, fanfic, jack/ianto

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